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After you download a card set design and save it to your computer, you will need to print it out. Your download includes a bunting flag design that you can print over and over again. For best results at home, use the highest quality setting on your printer and print on either card stock or photo paper. If printing at home is not an option, any local copy shop or Kinkos/Staples will be able to print your design.

Let’s get your bunting strand started! Below are a few suggested supplies for this project. You will need a cutting tool; a strand of string, twine, or yarn; a few clothespins or brad fasteners; something to hang your bunting with (pins or tape).

After you’ve printed out as many flags as you want on your strand, cut them all out!

Lay your strand out in a straight line and start attaching your flags with clothespins. Tip: Leave a bit of slack on the ends of the strand for the best hanging results.

Be creative with your clothespins! Most craft stores offer a nice variety.

If you want to try something a little fancier than clothespins, purchase brad fasteners at your local office supply store and use them to attach your flags to the strand. The first step is punching through the top corners of each flag.

Once you’ve punched the brad through the paper, also punch it through your string, twine, or yarn.

Next, fold the brad prongs to secure the flag in place. Make sure you hide the prongs so you don’t see them from the front. You may need to fold one side back on itself.

You’re done bradding the first flag! Keep going with as many as you like!